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A solidarity statement campaign launched for scholars sanctioned by China

by admin - Mar 30, 2021 0 Comment

A solidarity statement campaign began for scholars sanctioned by China 

By Tahir Imin Uyghurian, Voice of Uyghur

Mar30, 2021


On March 22, Chinese authorities had announced sanctions on 10 Europeans and four entities in retaliation for the EU’s sanctions against Chinese officials who were involved in China’s crimes against humanity and the Uyghur genocide.

Two scholars - Adrian Zenz of Germany and Bjorn Jerden of Sweden are among those10 individuals sanctioned by China.


China has also imposed sanctions on individuals and entities in the United Kingdom. Those sanctioned include academics Joanne Smith Finley and barrister Geoffrey Nice.


To support their academic spirit and work ethic, some academics have launched a solidarity campaign.


“Members of the academic and research community are invited to express their solidarity with colleagues engaged in China research that have been affected by the Chinese government’s recent countermeasures re Xinjiang sanctions by signing this statement: