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A man exposed the news of the organ harvesting of an Uyghur child forced to recant his statement

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By Tahir Imin Uyghurian, Voice of Uyghur

March 15, 2021


An Uyghur man known as “Nijat’ has returned his statement about the news of organ harvesting of an Uyghur child in Ghulja, a northern city in the Uyghurland.

"Hi netizens; my name is Nijat. the video statement I posted on my Douyin account about the injury of a child is just made up by myself. I am deeply sorry for misleading the wider netizens and society with fake news. I urge everyone not to share this material or similar contents, not to give in to emotions, and make comments on the issue."


Nijat's speech in his first video in which he discredited himself is quite opposite to his second video: “the lost child found today. Unfortunately, he was taken to a mountainous region in Ghulja (northern part of XUAR-ET)and his organs were stolen. The news not just broken the hearts of parents in Ghulja, but everyone. I say to all of you, please take care of your children.”


Earlier a WeChat message written in Uyghur language about the warning and the recent illegal organ harvesting of an Uyghur boy in Ghulja got viral in social media among the Uyghur community. The message reads:

“In Ghulja county UchOn Hui town Tuhuchyuz village, a primary school student, in the early morning of the 2df of March 2021 went missing on his way to school and was found today, this bit was misled by human traffickers. His body was found in a field and his organs have been taken, we urge parents to be extremely careful. we ask that you dint leave your children alone and that you educate them. These filths have sprung up again. Recently there seems to be a lot of this going on in Ghulja. Everyone be careful. An innocent child’s organs have been taken, this is not a small thing, I urge you all to post this on your ‘moments’ page.”


Arsalan Hidayat, the General Secretary of the Uyghur revival association told the voice of Uyghur: "apparently, local authorities arrested Nijat and forced him to recant and apologize for the statements he has made about the Uyghur boy who had his organs harvested. we can see him reading off a script."

Voice of Uyghur was unable to reach out to Uyghurs in the region to find out what happened to the man after he was forced to withdraw his sensitive statement. But in the past, many such cases have become enough reason to send the person to prison for several years on charges of "spreading rumors and lies that cause social disorder."

The video of recanting and repent.



original video of exposing the organ harvest.