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"We are not leaving until we get a response from China": Uyghur protester in Istanbul



By Yaruk


Around 5:30 am on Wednesday (November 30), Uyghurs in Istanbul gathered in front of the Chinese consulate in Saraçhane, Istanbul.


Uyghurs often protest outside the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul. However, this time, the Urumqi fire, which killed more than 40 Uyghurs on November 24, triggered the protest.


The Urumqi fire caused the entire Chinese mainland to take action against the CCP. On the other hand, it also ignited actions against the CCP abroad.


Naturally, the Urumqi fire affected the Uyghurs the most psychologically. Therefore. In East Turkestan and the diaspora, Uyghurs expressed their discontent with the Chinese regime in various ways.


“We are not leaving until we get a response from China!” a woman in the crowd shouted, expressing the feelings of the Uyghurs.


Editor: The police forcefully curbed the Uyghur protestors and even threatened them with deportation to China. After the misconduct reached the ears of their superiors, the Ministry of Internal Affairs offered an apology.