China Indicates that It will not change Its Genocidal Policy Toward the Uyghurs

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China indicates that it will not change its genocidal policy toward the Uyghurs.

Abliz Poskam, Voice of Uyghur


July 8, 2021


The European Parliament is preparing to pass a non-binding resolution on Thursday calling for sanctions on Hong Kong officials and mainland Chinese officials involved in Hong Kong, and a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

An article titled “Whoever sanctions China will suffer ruthless revenge “ published by The Global Times, China’s nationalist tabloid, have stated that as following:

“The issues of Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China's internal affairs. China rejects the demands of the United States and the West and does not hesitate to violently conflict with them for this. This shows that the governance of Hong Kong and Xinjiang corresponds to the fundamental interests of the local people and the entire Chinese people. China is irrevocable. Some forces in the United States and the West have completely misunderstood the times and the nature of the matter. They think that Hong Kong and the mainland of China need them as teachers. They are educating China. They don't know how ridiculous their real performance and situation are.


Today is no longer an era when the United States and the West can run wild. If Washington and Brussels insist on provoking a collision on the Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues, We are willing to accept the natural results of this collision."