Two Uyghurs under threat of deportation from Saudi Arabia to China



Hamdullah Wali, 54, and Rozi Nurmuhammed, 46, two Uyghur men and permanent residents of Turkey, are in danger of deportation from Saudi Arabia to China. The Saudi Authorities have detained both since 2020.


Hamadallah Wali is an Uyghur religious scholar who traveled to Saudi Arabia for Umrah in February 2020. Subsequently, the Saudi police arrested him. His Saudi visa is still valid, and his passport will expire in 2026. 


Uyghur Times has not received further information about the second detainee, Rozi Nurmuhammed.


There have been appeals to the UN Human Rights Council on Mr. Wali's behalf to seek political asylum. The Saudi authorities should allow Mr. Wali a safe passage to a third country.


According to today's reports, the Saudi authorities have now officially ordered the deportation of the two Uyghurs to China.